How to stop burglars targeting your home

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

Every day, in every town, burglars are on the move seeking easy pickings. It's our job, as homeowners, to make sure they keep moving past our own homes and on to somewhere else.

If your home looks difficult to gain illegal access to, and if there is a higher-than-average chance that they could be identified, chances are burglars will move swiftly passed your home.

An image of a burglar jemmying a door with a crowbar

So, what are they looking for - and what can you do to put them off? An obvious sign is the absence of an intruder alarm siren, or one that is so old that it obviously doesn't work anymore. A modern looking siren points to a homeowner who takes security seriously.

Vulnerable areas around your property that needs some Yale security products

Gates needs to be closed and preferably locked. Sheds and garages need to be made secure and overgrown areas cleared to make it more conspicuous when unwanted guests are moving around your garden.

Are your windows and doors solid and in good order? Are the locks operational and do you know where the keys are? Burglars enter through these access points – how easy is it for them? Be honest – and fix the problems!

Can a potential intruder gain easy access to the back of the house? This is so important. The fact is that the overwhelming number of break-ins occur through doors and windows at the rear so stopping them from getting there in the first place will help you to remain secure. That means installing 6ft gates, fences and walls which form an imposing physical barrier to anyone thinking of slipping unnoticed round the back.

Wheelie bins around the side of a house making it vulnerable for burglars - get Yale bin locks

Moving - or locking away – wheelie bins so they can’t provide easy access to roofs or being used to wheel away your possessions for the opportunist thief.

Other ways to decrease the likelihood of a break-in could include:

  • Having a vehicle parked in the drive

  • Fitting bright motion-sensing exterior lighting

  • Organising a Neighbourhood Watch group – try Facebook or Whatsapp – to share information about potential intruders in the area.

  • CCTV systems, including the newer IP ‘doorbell’ cameras, which can notify you when there’s unusual activity, and can record and playback video images.

A Yale HD1080 All-in-One - Indoor/Outdoor Camera - White

  • Using anti-snap Euro cylinders in doors. ‘Lock snapping’ is a virtually noiseless way to break into your home, and it’s cheap and simple to prevent this type of intrusion.

So it's not just your usual security cameras, burglar alarms and window locks that are needed, there are cheap ways to burglar proof your home that you might not think about. How to prevent and deter burglars starts with putting yourself in their shoes, and along with the above advice - look at how you would break in if you lost your keys, it's a great place to start.

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