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Yale Alarm Servicing - Don't become an easy target for burglars!

For a burglar, a quick check of potential victims' houses is all it takes to identify which could be the ones to target. Houses with no alarms or old alarms - that look like they've not been touched since they were installed - are all possible opportunities for a quick entry, grab what they can find and quietly exiting. Don't let that happen to you! There are may reasons for home owners not to have an alarm, but for someone to have an alarm and then not use it or let it become unusable seems unthinkable.

Redsafe can help you if you have a Yale alarm installed. Whether it's an old telecommunicating wireless alarm or a new Yale Smart Alarm, keeping on top of servicing is a must and we can assist if you're looking for Yale alarm servicing in Manchester, Yorkshire or any of the surrounding areas in the North of England.

Burglar alarms are a great deterrent, but only if they're visible and they're working to their full potential. Let Redsafe help keep your Yale wireless alarm system up and running to keep burglars at bay.

Any of these issues with your Yale alarm? 
       We can help

Warning light on your alarm?

We know how frustrating it is to have your Yale alarm fitted and then be met with a warning light or beeping on your alarm or app.

Give us a call and we can come and give your Yale alarm the once over and make sure everything is up and running as it should be.

As part of your Yale alarm service we'll check all the sensors, exchange all the batteries to ensure everything's working - including that hard to get to siren, and clear all those annoying warnings so you're starting with a clean system.

Flashing lights on a hub showing it needs servicing
An alarm that needs servicing?

You might already know that your alarm needs a service, just give us a quick call and we can book you in at a time that suits you.

You might not know, but if your alarm has been fitted or serviced over 18 months ago, then the time might be right for your first, or next, service.

You've gone to the trouble of getting an alarm fitted, for a relatively small amount you can make sure it stays in perfect working order and continue to keep you and your family safe.

Hard to get to siren batteries can be changed in your alarm service
Just inherited a Yale alarm?

If you've recently moved into a new house and you've inherited a Yale alarm then it's probably a good idea that you get our engineer to come and give it a full service.

He'll also talk you through how to work it, install the app for you if it's a SMART alarm and make sure all the sensors are working and adequate for the security you need.

Our engineer will show you the various ways of setting the alarm, and show you all the other possible add-ons you might find useful to have fitted at the same time.

You might need to talk to him about changing your locks in your new house, to be certain to keep unwanted guests out.

Inherited yale alarm might need an alarm service and showing how it works