Yale alarm troubleshooting - how to solve common problems

Common Yale Alarm problems - troubleshooting for your Yale Alarm issues

Yale produces some of the most popular domestic intruder wireless alarms on the market. They are designed to allow a competent DIYer to fit their own system with a high level of confidence that it will perform well if the house is broken into.

However, like most devices, they occasionally need checking over to ensure continued reliability. And, like most alarm systems, Yale alarms can warn you if there are any issues requiring your attention, but sometimes it's difficult to get to the bottom of what the problem is and how to solve it.

Here are some of the most common issues:

My PIR flashes occasionally when I walk past it


The batteries are running low. The sensor is still working, although if it stops flashing, the batteries will be exhausted and the sensor will not work.

My panel display is flashing and says 'ALARM ALARM'


To clear this, press the disarm button and put your PIN code in. Then press any button a number of times until the display says Alarm Off.

My panel/hub is beeping every 30 secs


There is a fault - most likely just a low battery. Check the Fault Log which is usually located at the top of the Programming settings. If the beep is annoying you, you can turn it off in the panel settings (normally under Advanced Settings) or via the smartphone app under General Configuration.

My outside siren has started beeping 5 times instead of once or twice


Again, this is what happens when batteries are running low.

My PIRs don't seem to work


Yale PIRs are very reliable. However there may be a few reasons why you might think yours are faulty. Firstly, check the sensor is properly learned in to the system by selecting Walk Test from the Programming menu or app. Then press the test button on each sensor - they should all make the controller beep. If a sensor doesn't produce a reaction, check its batteries. If they're ok, check the device is learned in by finding it in the Device List in the Programming menu. If it's listed, it should be working.

You may be triggering the sleep timer before the sensor has had chance to signal. Each sensor has a sleep timer which helps to preserve battery life. To rule out its influence, leave the room empty for a couple of minutes, arm the alarm and walk back into that room. If the siren triggers, everything is OK. If not, check you haven't fitted the sensor too high. Standard PIRs will work well up to about 3m high, whilst pet-friendly PIRs MUST be fitted no more than 2m high to function properly.

My external siren starts ringing even though the alarm is not armed


Check the tamper springs or switches within the siren. Fitting the siren and its cover should close tamper switches, so check the faint 'click' when the switches are being closed. You can slightly stretch a spring to increase its pressure on the switch, particularly for the tamper switch activated by the outer cover. If you have an EasyFit SR alarm, some sirens can trigger with no obvious cause. These are faulty and will need replacing.

I need to press the Arm button twice on the key pad in order to start the exit countdown

You either have a fault on the system (check the panel or app) or, if it's a Smartphone alarm, one of your door/window contacts is open. This may just be the front door as you're exiting, so can be ignored.

I have a siren-based alarm which is armed by a small wireless key pad. Why do my sensors only trigger the alarm after 20 seconds?


These alarms are simple to operate but offer few controls or features. When the alarm is armed, whichever sensor is triggered, there is a 20 second delay until the siren sounds, which could be detrimental to its effectiveness. The best way to use the alarm is to learn a key fob into the siren and use this to arm the alarm. The sensors will then trigger the siren instantly, so you are advised to arm and disarm the system from outside the house.

I have a smartphone alarm. The hub is beeping every 30 seconds so I know there's a fault but I can't see anything on the app

It's likely that the internal hub battery is not switched on. This is located next to the power lead input at the back of the hub. Best to unplug the hub, switch the battery on then plug in again.

When I walk through my front door and try to use my key fob to disarm the alarm, it doesn't work and I have to use the key pad to disarm it

Your door contact may not be working. Check the battery. If it's not functioning, your alarm doesn't 'know' you've come through the door. Your system will block the use of the fob until that entry contact is triggered. This is to stop anybody using your fob to disarm your alarm if you happen to lose it.

If you're still having problems give us a call and we can help